Sunday, January 20 2019

10 Amazing Tourist Destination in Czech in 2018

tourist destination in czech

When talking about Czech Republic, we may not be too familiar with tourism destination compared to other countries especially in Europe. However, it does not mean that there is nothing special in this country. You will have a wonderful vacation if you consider the following tourist destination in Czech Republic. Charles Bridge       This bridge is full of …

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5 Best Beach to Visit in Thailand in 2018

amazing beach in thailand

Beach can be considered as the most beautiful place for vacation. That is why many people go abroad just to visit beautiful beaches. If you are looking for beautiful beaches, one of the most recommended countries to visit is Thailand. They have many beaches with beautiful views. If you need recommendations, you can try the following best beach in Thailand. …

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3 Recommended Spot Tourist Destination in Maldives in 2018

Maldives is one of the most beautiful islands in the world. It is located on the Indian Ocean. There are many spots especially beaches found there. If you have a plan to spend your vacation there, you can consider the following recommended tourist destination in Maldives. 1. Cocoa Island           The beach located at Cocoa Island is really …

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5 Top Tourist Spot Destination in Dubai in 2018

tourist spot destination in dubai

Dubai is one of the most beautiful cities in Uni Emirate Arab. That is why many people visit this city for holiday. In fact, you can find so many tourism destinations in this city. Even though this city is located near the desert, this city proves that it can attract so many tourists. However, before you decide to go to …

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5 Best Beach to Visit in Yogyakarta in 2018

best beach in yogyakarta

Yogyakarta is one of the most popular cities in Indonesia. It is well known as student city because there are so many schools and universities in this city. However, Yogyakarta also has so many beaches. There are more than 100 beaches you can find there. Talking about Yogyakarta beach, you may think about Parangtritis Beach. However, there are many other …

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Amazing Place to Go When Visit in Spain in 2018

Without a doubt, Spain is one of the most interesting countries. Many people want to spend vacation in this beautiful country. You can find amazing place in Spain in any city there. If you are curious, let’s pay attention to the following ideas. Picasso Museum       Everyone knows that Picasso is the best painter ever. He has so …

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Top 10 Amazing Place to Visit in Turkey

Turkey is a country well known with their unique buildings because they have designs that combine European and Asian styles. In fact, you can find amazing place in Turkey easily. Here are the most wonderful places recommended for your holiday. Blue Mosque       This is a luxurious mosque that has awesome design. This was built in the 16th …

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10 Best Destination Place in Thailand in 2018

best destination place in thailand

In the South East Asia, Thailand becomes one of the most popular countries. Besides that, this country also offers many destinations for the local and foreign tourists who want to spend holiday in Thailand. If you have a plan to have vacation in this country, you can consider the following best destination place in Thailand. Railay Beach       …

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10 Best Vacation Place to Visit in Indonesia in 2018

Indonesia consists of many islands. Besides that, this country also offers so many beautiful places. Most people know Indonesia with the beaches in Bali. However, there are still many other amazing destinations in this country. That is why many people prioritize Indonesia as their destination for vacation. Talking about the best vacation in Indonesia, here are the most recommended ideas: …

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