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tourist destination in czech
tourist destination in czech

10 Amazing Tourist Destination in Czech in 2018

When talking about Czech Republic, we may not be too familiar with tourism destination compared to other countries especially in Europe. However, it does not mean that there is nothing special in this country. You will have a wonderful vacation if you consider the following tourist destination in Czech Republic.

  1. Charles Bridge
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This bridge is full of history. However, what makes it interesting is because it becomes a good spot for you who want to enjoy the day and take pictures with beautiful view. There are also 30 statues that add the attractiveness of this bridge.

  1. Petrin Hill
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If you go to Praha, Czech Republic, you should visit this hill. At this place, you will feel peaceful and keep away from the crowded city. There are also many people who use this place for doing sport and walking around with their pets.

  1. Bohemian Paradise
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From this place, you can see the natural beauty of Czech Republic. This is also located near other amazing spots. Anyway, it belongs to the best tourism destination in Czech Republic.

  1. Josefov
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This place is also called as Jewish Town. This old village is really beautiful. Even though the old buildings there have been renovated, this city still looks natural with green view.

  1. Pilsen
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You cannot skip this city when going to Czech Republic. This city is well known with its pilsner beer. Besides that, cathedral of Gothic St. Bartolomeus also becomes the interest of this place. Anyway, it is considered as one of the most recommended tourist destination places in Czech Republic.

  1. Prague Castle
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This also becomes one of the most popular destinations found in this country especially in Praha. It is the largest castle and recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records. Now, many people visit this place especially in the weekend.

  1. Old Town Square
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This is located between Wenceslas Square and Charles Bridge. It is a large plaza where it is often used as a meeting point for many people. You can see classic and beautiful buildings there. So, this place is recommended for hanging out or enjoying the afternoon.

  1. Kampa Island
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The next tourist destination spot in Czech Republic recommended to visit is it Kampa Island. At this island, you can find many classic buildings with unique architecture. What makes this place interesting is the canal or its beautiful location. This is really great for relaxing your body all day.

  1. Wallenstein Palace in Lesser Town
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In the Lesser Town, Wallenstein Palace becomes the main attraction. The style of Barque architecture is really interesting. You can also find church, large park, horse stable, etc. Besides as a tourist destination, this building is also purposed as the office of Czech senate.

  1. Vysehrad
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This is another beautiful castle in Praha, Czech Republic. In the evening and night, this place looks more beautiful. You can use it as a spot for hunting the sunset. So, are you interested in this tourist destination in Czech Republic ? You can choose based on your desire.

As one country with many old buildings then the Czech Republic can be an alternative tourist destination, so those are 10 tourist destination in Czech Republic for you.

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