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10 Best Vacation Place to Visit in Indonesia in 2018

Indonesia consists of many islands. Besides that, this country also offers so many beautiful places. Most people know Indonesia with the beaches in Bali. However, there are still many other amazing destinations in this country. That is why many people prioritize Indonesia as their destination for vacation. Talking about the best vacation in Indonesia, here are the most recommended ideas:

  1. Menjangan Island
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This becomes the heaven for those who love diving. This island has so many beautiful corals and reefs under the water. Even more, the water is really clear like crystal in the sea. Diving in this island will feel like you are in the giant aquarium.

  1. Banda Volcano Island
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Still recommended for divers, there is Banda Volcano Island in Indonesia. There, you will be able to see the miniature of Fujiyama Mount in Japan. Besides that, you can also see the lava flowing in the sea near the Banda Volcano.

  1. Harau Valley
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It is considered as one of the best vacation places in Indonesia even though not many people know it. This valley is surrounded by mountainside and there is a waterfall that looks beautiful. You can also stay at the homestay with the style of Sumatra buildings.

  1. Kelimutu National Park
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The next recommended destination is Kelimutu Lake. What makes this interesting is the water that can change depending on the gas and temperature. One of the best things to do in this place is to enjoy the sunrise from the mountain.

  1. Rinjani Mountain
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If you like climbing, you must try this mountain. Belongs to the top vacation in Indonesia, this is considered as the best mountain you can find in Indonesia. The climbers of this mountain come from both local and foreign climbers.

  1. Raja Ampat
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Even though it is not as popular as destinations in Bali, Yogyakarta, or Jakarta, no one is doubt of its beauty. Everyone wants to visit this place. It has the best ridge of rock in the world. This place is still natural. So, it will be a great vacation if you can visit this place.

  1. Tanjung Puting National Park
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If you want to see the life of orangutan directly in the original habitat, this is the right place to visit. It does not only become a nature conservation area but also the ‘Amazon forest of Indonesia’. Besides orangutan, you can also see over 200 kinds of bird. That is why it belongs to the best holiday in Indonesia.

  1. Yogyakarta Beaches
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Do not think that Indonesian beautiful beaches can only be found in Bali. Yogyakarta also has more than 100 wonderful beaches that are beautiful and unique.

  1. Dieng Plateau
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In this place, you can enjoy the sunset & sunrise, visit temples, see the unique cauldron, visit a beautiful lake, etc. Many beautiful and natural places are available to visit there.

  1. Komodo Island
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This is the only place where you can see Komodo in their original habitat. There is no other place in the world where Komodo live. It does not only become the best vacation in Indonesia. However, now it also belongs to 7 World’s miracles.

So what are you waiting for when the holiday season has arrived. Best vacation in Indonesia are waiting to be visited

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