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3 Recommended Spot Tourist Destination in Maldives in 2018

Maldives is one of the most beautiful islands in the world. It is located on the Indian Ocean. There are many spots especially beaches found there. If you have a plan to spend your vacation there, you can consider the following recommended tourist destination in Maldives.

1. Cocoa Island

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The beach located at Cocoa Island is really exotic. The beach has large white sand and beautiful
waves. It attracts so many tourists. One of the most interesting activities to do is scuba diving.
Besides that, this island also has facilities like resort with high quality. As one of the best tourist destination in Maldives, this place is always crowded of tourists. It seems that one day is not enough to enjoy the beach. So, you need to stay at the hotel or resort near the beach. At this beach, you can also enjoy the beauty of sunset and sunrise. Anyway, this can be a perfect place for your holiday.

2. Vaadhoo Island

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The people of this island are less than 500 people. This island is well known with the amazing natural spots. One of the most interesting natural phenomena is phytoplankton where they shine bright lights. Unfortunately, this phenomenon cannot happen anytime. So, you need a fortune to see this miraculous moment. At this recommended tourism destination in Maldives, you can feel the peace because this island is not crowded of people. However, in the weekend you will see many tourists who come to this place. This place is recommended to visit either in the day or night. The beach can also be a great spot for you who love hunting sunset or sunrise. So, do not forget to plan your next vacation to come to this place.

3. Banana Reef

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When visiting Maldives, it is better if you focus on natural places. Another recommended spot tourist place in Maldives is Banana Reef. Its name is unique. As its name, this place looks like a banana with 300 meter long. What can you do there? At this place, you feel the sensation of diving. Diving at this place is really awesome and it will be really unforgettable. When diving under the water, you can see the beautiful rocks. Besides that, you will also find so many colorful and chic fishes with different sizes. For examples are moray eels, bannerfish, and napoleon wrasse. This place is very popular not only in Maldives but also around the world. Even more, this is considered as the most beautiful diving spot in Maldives. Therefore, you cannot skip visiting this place when you spend your holiday at Maldives Island.

From the recommended tourist destination in Maldives above, which one do you love most? Why do
not you explore all of them ? Of course it will be a great experience in your vacation. Besides those three
spots, you can also find other beautiful places such as Alimantha Island, HP Reef & Manta Point, Gallery Esjehi, Mulee Aage Palace, Maladewa National Park, etc.

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