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best beach in yogyakarta

5 Best Beach to Visit in Yogyakarta in 2018

Yogyakarta is one of the most popular cities in Indonesia. It is well known as student city because there are so many schools and universities in this city. However, Yogyakarta also has so many beaches. There are more than 100 beaches you can find there. Talking about Yogyakarta beach, you may think about Parangtritis Beach. However, there are many other better beaches you must visit. Here is the best beach in Yogyakarta we recommend for your vacation.

  1. Jogan Beach
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This beach is unique. What makes this interesting is not the white sand or the beautiful waves. However, you can find a small waterfall at this beach. Of course, it becomes a wonderful view. However, the waterfall can only be enjoyed in the winter. Near Jogan Beach, you can also find other beautiful beaches. Anyway, the unique waterfall makes this beach is loved by many tourists both local and foreign tourists.

  1. Wediombo Beach
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It also belongs to the most beautiful beaches in Yogyakarta. You can see beautiful rocks along the beach. Besides that, the wave is also safe so that you can enjoy the day there. This beach is identical to its natural lagoon where you can swim there. Many people also go to this beach for fishing. This beach can also be considered as one of the best spots to enjoy the sunset.

  1. Nglambor Beach
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If you like snorkeling, this beach can be the best place to consider in Yogyakarta. At this beach, there are many beautiful fishes under the water. You can go snorkeling or diving there. The wave is also safe for snorkeling. For the snorkeling equipment, you can rent it near the beach. You can also see a small island from this place. That is why it belongs to top beaches in Yogyakarta recommended to visit.

  1. Parangendog Beach
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This beach is located near Parangtritis beach. The most favorite spot at this beach is its hill. From Parangendog hill, you can see the beautiful view of many beaches around from the top. This hill is also well known as Paralayang hill. This place can be considered as the best spot to enjoy the sunset in Yogyakarta. When visiting this hill, do not forget to visit other wonderful beaches in Yogyakarta near it such as Parangtritis Beach, Depok Beach, etc.

  1. Ngrumput Beach
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To get this place, you need to walk through fields about 10 minutes. However, when you reach this place, you will be amazed with its beauty. You can go swimming, enjoy the day, and play around at this beach. This is also often used for camping. What makes it more interesting is its hill called Kosakora hill. Kosakora hill can be considered as the most amazing spot to enjoy the sunrise in Yogyakarta.

That is all best beach in Yogyakarta that you should visit for your next vacation. Actually, there are still many other beautiful beaches. In Yogyakarta, the distance among beaches is not far. So, you can explore them until you are satisfied, so those are best beach in Yogyakarta.

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