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amazing beach in thailand
amazing beach in thailand

5 Best Beach to Visit in Thailand in 2018

Beach can be considered as the most beautiful place for vacation. That is why many people go abroad just to visit beautiful beaches. If you are looking for beautiful beaches, one of the most recommended countries to visit is Thailand. They have many beaches with beautiful views. If you need recommendations, you can try the following best beach in Thailand.

  1. Maya Bay
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This beach is really awesome. The water looks Tosca blue. Besides that, it also has white sand. The clear water makes you able to see the fish under the water. The 3 flanking rocks become the icon of this beach. This is located at Ko Phi Phi Island. This can be considered as one of the best beaches, not only in Thailand but also in the world. So, you will not be disappointed to visit there.

  1. Cha-am
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You also cannot skip this. It belongs to top beaches in Thailand. Besides the strategic location, this beach is also very beautiful. The most interesting thing is that it has the longest white sand available in Thailand. At the beach, you can do many fun activities. For example, you can enjoy the sunset and sunrise. Besides that, you can also play with the sand and the safe waves. This beach is recommended so much for you who want to spend the beautiful day.

  1. Phuket
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Who does not know this beach? It can be considered as one of the most beautiful beaches in Thailand. That is why many people love visiting there. The romantic situation makes this beach perfect for honeymoon. Besides that, many accommodations are also available near the beach. You can also find many restaurants easily there. So, you can enjoy the delicious foods from Thailand after enjoying the beauty of the beach all day. What makes this beach unique is that there is a high rock at the beach. Big rocks around the beach also add the attractiveness.

  1. Hua Hin
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This can also be a good alternative for you who want to visit a wonderful beach in Thailand. At this beach, you can play golf. The coconut trees make this beach shaded enough for relaxing your body. This beach is really interesting because it combines the concept of recreation and sport. So, having vacation at this place will be really amazing. Do you want to feel the experience of playing golf at this beach? Just plan your next vacation to come to this wonderful place.

  1. Pattaya
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It is a very popular best beach in Thailand and South East Asia. That is why you need to consider visiting the beach that is located at this Thailand Bay or Pattaya Bay. This beach is also well known with its night clubs, disco tics, etc. If you want the quieter place, you can go to the North side of the beach. From this beach, you can also see very high buildings. Therefore, it belongs to the best beach in Thailand to visit.

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