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tourist spot destination in dubai
tourist spot destination in dubai

5 Top Tourist Spot Destination in Dubai in 2018

Dubai is one of the most beautiful cities in Uni Emirate Arab. That is why many people visit this city for holiday. In fact, you can find so many tourism destinations in this city. Even though this city is located near the desert, this city proves that it can attract so many tourists. However, before you decide to go to Dubai for vacation, you have to plan the tourist spot destination in Dubai you will visit. If you do not have any idea, you can consider the following best plans.

  1. Burj Al Arab
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Everyone knows this place. It is a hotel that has luxurious design. This hotel is built on a small island made. This hotel is considered as a 7 star hotel. This was designed by Tom Wright, a very popular architect. Even more, it can be considered as one of the most amazing hotels in the world. Besides the unique design, this hotel is also very high up to 321 meters. As one of the best tourist spot destinations in Dubai, this hotel has 66 floors and now it becomes an icon of this city. Overall, it can be the perfect accommodation for you who want to spend holiday in Uni Emirate Arab.

  1. Jumeirah Beach
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This is a very famous beach in Dubai. This beach is always crowded of tourists especially in the weekends and holiday. The beach line is really long up to 7 km. It is divided into 7 different beaches where each of them has its unique characteristics. Besides the white sand, this beach also offers blue water. From 7 beaches, there are 2 beaches that are connected each other. They are Wild Wadi and Jumeirah Park beaches. So, when visiting Uni Emirate Arab, it will be a good idea to enjoy the day at this beautiful tourism destination in Dubai.

  1. Dubai Mall






For you who love shopping, Dubai will be a great place. One of the best options is Dubai Mall. It belongs to the biggest malls in the world. You can find various popular boutiques and shops there. You can also enjoy Dubai Shopping Festival where you can get various promotions and discounts. At this mall, you can also find the biggest candy shop in the world. The interior design is really amazing with a giant aquarium. You can also go ice skating at this mall. Overall, this mall belongs to the best tourist spot places in Dubai.

  1. Palm Jumeirah








This is also well known as Palm Island. It can be a paradise for you who love travelling. You can find many attractions there such as water sport area, aquarium, beach, Entertainment Park, etc. The facility is also complete that make the visitors comfortable.

  1. BurjKhalifa






This is the highest tower in the world. At this place, you can see and enjoy the beautiful view of Dubai from the top of the tower. At the lowest floor, there is also a mall where you can go shopping. This tower consists of 153 floors. Anyway, it is reasonable to belong to the most recommended tourist spot destination in Dubai.

As many beautiful tourist spot destination in Dubai, which most interesting one ?

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