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amazing place in spain

Amazing Place to Go When Visit in Spain in 2018

Without a doubt, Spain is one of the most interesting countries. Many people want to spend vacation in this beautiful country. You can find amazing place in Spain in any city there. If you are curious, let’s pay attention to the following ideas.

  1. Picasso Museum
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Everyone knows that Picasso is the best painter ever. He has so many amazing works. In this museum, you can see the collection of his works. This museum also has many arts and unique vignette.

  1. Las Ramblas Street
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This is the most famous street area in Barcelona. It is considered as the most beautiful place to walk in the day. You can enjoy there because of the shaded area.

  1. Mezquita Cordoba
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This can be one of the most interesting attractions in the day found in Spain. This building has long history in the past. The buildings around it are also awesome. So, you must try visiting this interesting place in Spain.

  1. Alhambra
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This is located in a plateau in the South of Spain. This is very interesting to visit especially in the afternoon. This is recommended so much for you who love history because it has great and long history in the past.

  1. Ibiza
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This is a very popular island in Spain. It becomes one of the most favorite places in Spain for tourism. In the summer, this island is more crowded of tourists. There are also many bars, restaurants and night clubs around it.

  1. Sagreada Familia
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As a Catholic church, this has a very awesome design. Without a doubt, it belongs to the best destinations for tourists. So, you can consider visiting this place.

  1. Aqueduct of Segovia
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This amazing monument looks really great in the day. The design makes many people amazed. It also becomes one of the best places in Spain. Many tourists love visiting this place.

  1. El Escorial
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This is not only popular with its history. Now, it is purposed as a museum. That is why this place is visited by so many local and foreign tourists. Therefore, when you go to Spain, you cannot skip this place. You can see how wonderful it is.

  1. La Sagrada Familia Church
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This church is very special. It was built with amazing design. Because of that, this church is not only for worshipping but also for tourism destination. Since 2012, this church has been renovated especially in the interior. It is purposed to attract more and more visitors. Anyway, this church is really awesome.

  1. Barrio Gotico Kuartal Gothic
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Located in Barcelona, it belongs to the most beautiful areas of mid-century. It provides museum, old mosque, church, supermarket, etc. In the museum, we can see the inheritance of Roman era.

From the amazing place in Spain above, which one do you like most? Anyway, these ideas can be the inspirations for you who have a plan to spend holiday in this country. Hope you will have a perfect holiday there.

As we know Spain is football country, surprisingly we think alot of amazing place in Spain.

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