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Top 10 Amazing Place to Visit in Turkey

Turkey is a country well known with their unique buildings because they have designs that combine European and Asian styles. In fact, you can find amazing place in Turkey easily. Here are the most wonderful places recommended for your holiday.

  1. Blue Mosque
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This is a luxurious mosque that has awesome design. This was built in the 16th century. Besides the blue color, this mosque is also unique and interesting because it has 6 towers. This is the biggest mosque in Istanbul, the capital city of Turkey.

  1. Galata Bridge
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This is a bridge that is popular in Turkey. Many people visit this place. You can see the amazing view where there many buildings with European and Asian styles. This bridge consists of 2 stories. The higher bridge is for transportation whereas the lower one is for the tourists. The best time to visit this bridge is in the evening or night.

  1. Cappadocia
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One of the most wonderful places in Turkey is Cappadocia. This place offers some recommended destinations for vacation such as Goreme, Urgup, Avanos, and culinary.

  1. Konya
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This can be considered as the center of the culture in Turkey. This city is also well known with the religiousness. There are many attractions to find such as Sufi Dance, Mevlana Museum, etc.

  1. Topkapi Palace
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In the past, it was the house of the King of Turkey. Built in 1459, now it becomes one of the most beautiful places in Turkey. Now, it is purposed for a museum.

  1. Istiklal Street
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If you are looking for a shopping place in Turkey, this can be the most recommended choice. The street is 1.4 km long. Along the street, you can find many people who sell chocolate, books, clothes, etc. You can also find 2 night clubs, bioscope, restaurants, and other attractions.

  1. Pamukkale
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This amazing destination in Turkey provides warm or hot bathing place. You will find an amazing pool. At a glance, the water looks like snow. The pool is also believed to be able to treat various diseases.

  1. Bursa
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If you want to hunt culinary, this place is recommended so much. You cannot skip visiting this place and enjoy the delicious foods & drinks such as Turkey kebab that is very popular around the world.

  1. Blue Lagoon
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Turkey is also well known with the beautiful sea. At this blue lagoon, you can do various activities and sports in the water. You can also enjoy the peaceful sea and view there. In this place, you can keep away from stress.

  1. Fethiye
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When the summer comes, this place is always crowded of tourists. You can go swimming, diving, paragliding and paralyzing at this place. There is also a hiking area where the route is climbing a mountain passing a valley. The most loved extreme sport is paralyzing. You can also enjoy the tour with a ship to a beach, lagoon and sea. You can also find many hotels for accommodation in this amazing place in Turkey.

Amazing place in Turkey can be considered to choose for your next tourist destination.

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